The strong octagonal print makes Durafit Ceramic the preferred choice for the most demanding wear resistance, color fastness and anti-slip applications.

Special channels in the coating will guide moisture deep in the material assuring a dry and comfortable foot climate.

The ultimate material for shoe interiors with a contemporary high-tech look.


A unique Ceramic coating that provides unmatched material properties under the most extreme conditions.

Durafit ceramic

0.8 mm

Durafit microfibers presents a groundbreaking innovation with a corn microfiber. An advanced production method that merges corn with fibers to yield a superior quality microfiber.

Accomplishes more than 60% reduction in CO2 emissions and achieves a 40% decrease in energy consumption

Free from substances restricted in Europe and fully recyclable

A highly conductive microfiber with the well-known and valued properties of Durafit classic.

Durafit Conductive is extremely efficient at removing even the smallest static charges.

With a resistance of ≤0.1 MΩ, exceding all European safety standards, including the ESD standard 61340 4-3 and 61340 5-1.


The special coating creates a beautiful gloss effect and a fabulous look and feel.

The Durafit gloss is available in two colors, black and linnen.

Complete the craftsmanship. Give insoles the look that matches the shoes.


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