Durafit Conductive

Durafit is now also available in a fully conductive version.
Under the name Durafit Conductive we offer a highly conductive cover and lining material with the well-known and appreciated properties of classic Durafit.

Electronics are all about precision and technology. The same applies to the Durafit Conductive that we have developed for this industry.
Durafit Conductive is extremely efficient at removing even the smallest static charges.
With a resistance of ≤0,1 MΩ, they amply meet all European safety standards, including the ESD standard 61340 4-3 and 61340 5-1.
This guarantees a high quality assurance of the end product.

Durafit Conductive has a thickness of 0.8 mm.

Durafit glad zwart
Black smooth
Durafit geprent zwart
Black semi-perforated
Marine smooth
Marine semi-perforated

Find out more about Durafit Conductive?

You can order a free sample folder to experience the look and feel of this ultimate electro static discharge microfiber.

Please send me a Durafit Conductive sample folder