Durafit Ceramic

Durafit Ceramic… a unique Ceramic coating that provides unmatched material properties under the most extreme conditions.

This variation is the ultimate material for shoe interiors with a contemporary high-tech look.
The strong Ceramic print makes Durafit Ceramic the preferred choice for the most demanding wear resistance, color fastness and anti-slip applications. Special channels in the coating design will guide moisture deep in the material assuring you a dry and comfortable foot climate.

Durafit Ceramic is available in black, grey and ivory in a variety of formats: on rolls, as sheets, as pre-cut sections or as a personalized insole.

Durafit Ceramic has a thickness of 0.8 mm.

Durafit ceramic zwart

Durafit Ceramic with padding

Durafit Ceramic is also deliverable combined with a wide range of the highest quality padding materials like Poron and/or PPT to provide extra pressure distribution and a cushioning or shock absorbing effect for an even higher level.

Durafit Ceramic with Padding is available as rolls, sheets, custom pre-cut models and personalized insole covers.


Find out more about Durafit Ceramic?

You can order a free Ceramic sample box to experience the look and feel of this unique superlative material.

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