The 100% breathable microfiber

Durafit – an innovative, durable microfiber – is ideal for every shoe: 50% lighter than leather, hypoallergenic, and fully moisture regulating. An excellent replacement for leather, Durafit offers all you need to produce 100% breathable, comfortable shoes with an excellent fit and optimum foot climate. The unique microfiber is suitable for a wide range of practical applications, from specialist orthopedic solutions to perfectly fitting insoles or support soles or for light, elastic athletic shoes. Every shoe made with Durafit offers the highest levels of foot comfort.

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Durafit absorbent


Durafit light


Durafit fast drying


Durafit high tensile strenght

High tensile strenght

Durafit anti odor


Durafit durable


Create the perfect foot climate

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Durafit is based on a microfiber with unique properties. The 100% breathable material can wick away moisture very rapidly. Its  adsorbent capacity ensures and maintains a perfect moisture balance in shoes. Furthermore, the soft and supple structure provides an extremely high level of comfort.

Various types of Durafit, a durable material of constantly high quality, are available.

Make the difference with Durafit

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This strong, light material represents a breakthrough in modern shoe technology. Durafit microfibers contain no animal substances and generate less waste in processing and production. The material’s supple, elastic structure makes it easy to process.

Durafit gives every shoe a unique look, thanks to an extensive range of available colors and structures. The Durafit microfibers are 100% moisture-absorbent.

Certified Quality


Durafit….The highest qualified microfiber!
Not just a statement but an absolute guarantee!

Durafit continuously strives to meet the highest standards of product safety and quality and works to ensure compliance with applicable regulations and standards.
All Durafit materials have been intensively tested and certified by several independent test institutes who stands for customer confidence and high product safety.

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Production efficiency


Today, materials are no longer just selected for their appearance, function and quality. The footprint and impact of a raw material on the environment and personal health are increasingly included as a weighting factor in the selection process.

Our product developers are constantly making efforts to continue to reduce the environmental impact of the Durafit materials.

Durafit, the ideal replacement for leather

In comparison with leather, the Durafit materials excel on the following fronts:
-Fully recyclable
-No harmful tannins are used in the production process (hypoallergenic)Yield per m2 is approximately 10-15% higher because    Durafit has continuous dimensions.
-Up to 5% less failure due to the homogeneous quality of the material
-At least 30% shorter processing time compared to leather by processing in a semi-automatic setting, possibly by established nesting

Our tests show that the long service life of Durafit is the most determining factor for improving its environmental impact. The more sustainable the product, the smaller the impact on the environment.

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